Chinese Evangelical Church in Iowa City (CECIIC)

爱加倍学生团契(Agape Chinese Student Fellowship)是爱荷华大学 (The Univeristy of Iowa) 的学生社团。 爱加倍成员包括在UI学习和工作的青年华人学生和学者。 爱加倍的使命是传扬基督的福音,联络并帮助在UI的华人学生和学者,并且服务爱城社区。 我们的主要活动包括新生接机、学习《圣经》和祷告会。 在追求基督信仰的同时,我们也会不定期地组织聚餐,体育娱乐和野游等活动。

Agape Chinese Student Fellowship (ACSF) is a registered student organization of the University of Iowa (UI), leading by Chinese Christians from the Chinese Evangelical Church in Iowa City (CECIIC). The members include Chinese students and scholars studying at the University of Iowa. Our mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, to connect and help Chinese students and scholars, and to serve the Chinese community of Iowa City. Our activities include new students pickup, Bible study, prayer meeting, eating, hiking, and playing.


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